Fly Fishing for Pike and Pike Perch with Ken

Big Lake Netherlands

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Door: Peter ElberseVoeg toe aan mijn favorietenFly Fishing for Pike and Pike Perch with Ken |
After EFTTEX Ken and myself went fly fishing for two days on a big lake with Rob Fishing Guide. The first day we saw a lot of pike perch and managed to land 3 of them. And although some pike showed themselves they were not eating. I missed one and Ken had two follow his streamer. One of those pike was a big mama over 1 meter. It swam all the way up to the boat behind his streamer but once at the boat it sunk into the deep...

The second day we didn't see a single pike perch. Some pike did show themselves and we caught 2 of them. No big mama's but we'll be back some day...
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