Individual finals SVN Dutch Fly Fishing Championships 2019

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From start on we all knew it was going to be an exciting final. Top 4 was within 3 points of each other. Baggelhuizen was the venue for the final and well known as fishing tough on competition days due to the pressure of 30 finalists. Rene Koops won but Peter Elberse, finishing second, kept the leading position by 1 point bringing him his 4th individual Dutch Fly Fishing Championship titel. After 2016 this is the second full Elbi's Airflo Angel podium at the Champs. We are proud of our team and congratulate them!

Baggelhuizen results individual:
1. Rene Koops 5 trout
2. Peter Elberse 3 trout
3. Bram Zanis 3 trout
4. Marty Maas 2 trout
5. Richard Prick van Wely 2 trout

Dutch fly fishing Championship final results:
1. Peter Elberse 10 points (5, 1, 2, 2)
2. Rene Koops 11 points
3. Bert Schmidt 23 points
4. Frans Dirks 25 points
5. Edwin Horvers 33 points
6. John Arens 41 points
7. Youri Arens 47 points
8. Marty Maas 48 points
9. Annemarieke Slinger 59 points
10. Richard van Dongen 59 points
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